Some family pets will gobble up their medications and look for more. Others don’t want any part of being on the receiving end of medication and will fight us every step of the way. Although we do our very best to accommodate your pets pallet, sometimes it just isn’t enough. One of the easiest ways to trick your pets into taking their medicine is to hide it insie some kind of delicious treat. But what works best? Finding the right food sometimes requires a bit of experimentation. Here is a short list of options that you might like to try to conceal your pet’s medication.

  • Canned Pet Food: If your dog or cat usually eats dry pet food, substitute a canned variety instead. They’ll love the new change, and it is always easier to mix in a pill or a liquid form of medication without your pet even noticing. Start with a small portion to make sure your pet is consuming the full dosage and not leaving half still in it’s plate.
  • Peanut Butter: Most dogs go crazy over peanut butter. Try wrapping the medicine inside a glob of peanut butter and stuff it inside a bone. Or give your pooch a small jar of peanut butter and watch him go crazy trying to lick the jar clean.
  • Bananas: Surprisingly, many pets seem to love bananas. The soft core of this tasty fruit is perfect for hiding a medicine tablet, too.
  • Hot Dogs: Substitute a hot dog for the banana, if Fido or Felix happens to be more finicky.
  • Cheese: All pets seem to love cheese, too. Just roll the medicine inside a slice of cheese, smashing the ends together into a nice little patty. They’ll eat it right up!
  • Bread: Dogs and cats rarely turn down a piece of bread, but this option also works particularly well with birds in need of liquid medications. Just soak the bread in the medicine, and your bird will consider it a delicacy. Just be sure that he or she eats the entire piece of bread to get the full dosage.
  • Tuna: What cat would turn down the chance to dive into a can of tuna? For that matter, most dogs wouldn’t pass up the opportunity either. Crush up the pill or mix in the liquid medicine. It’s that easy. Small portions work best to ensure full dosage is being consumed.

These are just a few possible options. Use your pet’s personal favorite treats as a guideline if these don’t seem to work. Also, remember to watch your pet closely to ensure that the entire dosage is taken. Some of our pets can be very clever, perhaps hiding the bit-with-the-pill under their cushion or spitting it out completely. For more advice, give your friendly veterinarian a call. They will surely have lots of interesting ideas, too.